Drakensberg rap jumping and rappelling
Drakensberg rap jumping and rapelling

Drakensberg Rap Jumping and Rappelling at Wagondrift Dam

Wagondrift Dam and Nature Reserve is home to several animals including wildebeest, giraffe, waterbuck, zebra and more. There is also a variety of birds. Wagondrift Dam offers water sports, fishing, game drives, birding and hiking. For those seeking a real rush of adrenalin, Berg Adventures offers rap jumping trips to the dam wall.

Rap jumping, is an exciting alternative to traditional abseiling. You go down face first and have to deal with your fears head on. After kitting up in a specially designed harness you’re attached to the rope, ready for the plunge. The dam wall itself is incredibly beautiful but that’s behind you as you look out across the valley and down to the river below. You fight against your instinct to pull back as your experienced and professionally trained instructor asks you to lean forward parallel to the ground. With your feet firmly on the vertical part of the wall all you need to do is take a deep breath and your first step. As soon as you get the hang of walking vertically down the wall go for the full adrenalin rush and run as fast as you can. It’s a military style descent and totally up to you how fast you reach the bottom.

What makes this a sustainable activity

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