Drakensberg quad bike trails

Drakensberg quad bike trails - All out adventures

The Drakensberg quad bike trail experience

Drakensberg quad bike trails

Drakensberg quad bike trails are a popular adventure activity. A day spent riding on rocky mountain passes and through flowing water on a Quad Bike in the Drakensberg is a day that you will not soon forget. A Quad Biking adventure is a fun adrenaline pumping experience in the great outdoors. A Quad Bike is also known as an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and as this name suggest, these tough four wheelers will take you off the beaten track.

Drakensberg quad bike trail options

  • All Out Adventures – Drakensberg Quad Bike trails is situated near to Royal Natal. Spend a few hours on a 15km of technical yet achievable quad trails. Ride a new Yamaha Grizzly and surprise yourself on the waterfall gorge trail, rocky pass, moon donga and the awesome waterfall challenge.
  • Four Rivers Rafting and Adventures – Drakensberg Quad Biking With various tracks and trail times available, experience an exciting quad bike ride! Crossing natural terrain, take on the challenge of many of nature’s rough and unpredictable obstacles. The quads are automatic and therefor allow novices to get going fairly quickly. After the safety briefing and instructions on using the quad bikes, the group heads off on a guided, enjoyable outride in the majestic Champagne Valley, situated in the central Drakensberg.
  • Drakensberg Quad Tracks Drakensberg Quad Tracks operate from Cathedral Peak Hotel in the Central Drakensberg. They offer various fun activities suited for everyone, whether it be families at leisure or corporate companies looking for a nice break from the stresses of work.