Cathkin Trails Club was set up in March 2017 as a proudly non‐profit organisation with the purpose of building and maintaining a network of mountain bike and running trails in the Cathkin Valley area for the benefit of the local residents, the local tourism establishments and all visitors to the Champagne Valley.


  • 30 km of trails have already been built and marked so far – these are the Peak View and Ardmore loop.
  • There are a further 10km or so of trails which have been built and are ready to be marked and included.
  • There are a further 20km plus of trails in Dragons Peaks and Mountain Splendour which are agreed in principle to be included in the club and will form part of the trails once these links are complete. This gives a total of 60 plus km of existing trails.
  • Finally, the intention is to extend the trails into the Sappi plantations as they support these trails projects, and to apply to them for this approval. This would give a total of 90km of trails making up the network.
  • The signage has been standardised to comply with the International Mountain Biking Association grading system. They have location numbers for safety and include the emergency number for the Okhahlamba Fire and Emergency Services, who have a copy of these trail maps in their control room.