sustainable tourism
Sustainable tourism

What sustainability is all about

One of the most significant transformations underway in travel today is the idea that you can have the trip of a lifetime while also caring for the local people and places that you visit.  Sustainability is not a trend, in that sense, but rather an evolution of travel. Travelers have more places to go and more ways to get there than ever before, and with that comes an even greater responsibility to safeguard the world’s cultural and natural treasures for future generations. There were more than one billion international travelers last year – we believe that provides a billion opportunities to make the world a better place, and the way to get there is by embracing sustainable tourism best practices.

What is our sustainable ethos?

  • From a traveler perspective we aim to promote experiences that are authentic and sustainable
  • Eco conscious. The products that we promote actively participate in programs that are beneficial to the environment and try to limit their own footprint as much as possible
  • Conservation. Natural heritage is conserved with programs that protect and restore our nature in both wilderness areas as well as on our own front door.
  • Cultural heritage is protected and cultural traditions are respected.
  • Fair working conditions. All products adhere to a policy of fair working conditions that are nondiscriminatory.
  • Communities are given access to the tourism market so that they too can improve living conditions