Why the Drakensberg is such a great destination for responsible eco tourism

Eco tourism in the Drakensberg Mountains

Eco tourism

Eco-tourism has been taking shape in the Drakensberg with various individuals and organisations developing products that encompass pristine, fragile and relatively undisturbed natural areas for the benefit of the community and the traveller.

Responsible Tourism

The Drakensberg has embraced eco-tourism, whereby tourism activities are aimed at not, but only bringing in revenue but also conservation of natural resources as well as a means to benefit the local communities in various capacities. And some spots in the Drakensberg have, which been created in an eco-friendly backdrop which is all about uniting conservation, communities and sustainable travel.

So are you a responsible traveller?

Everyone agrees it’s important to preserve Africa’s natural and cultural wonders for the future. But are you a green traveller? A responsible eco-tourist? A sustainable supporter? By being a conscientious traveller and staying in accommodations that put high value on preservation and minimising the negative impact on your surroundings, your stay can have a positive impact. To help you in this quest, we’ve listed a few places you can stay in the Drakensberg that are eco-conscious and the best of the eco tourism activities.

  • Antbear Lodge – Eco lodge with a huge focus on responsible tourism
  • Leopards Lair – Agri-tourism experience with an emphasis on conservation of butterflies and vultures
  • Three Tree hill Lodge – Huge focus on green and eco and supports a local school
  • Witsieshoeks Mountain Resort – Community owned lodge in the Free State
  • WOW Zulu – Bringing tourism to the local communities.
  • Giants Castle Vulture Hide – Conservation and feeding of vultures both Cape Vultures and the endangered Beared Vulture
  • Hlatikulu Crane sactuary – rehabilitation and conservation of endangered cranes.

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